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Body Treatments

“Aromazone” Lymphatic Drainage

½ hour £20

Relief for those who suffer from water retention and post-exercise cramping. Air-filled leggings massage your legs to aid drainage of lymphatic fluid and lactic acid build-up. For those that want to combat cellulite and stimulate the circulation, the G5 machine can be added to the treatment. The G5 breaks down fatty pockets and increases and improves circulation to the affected area and helping to remove the stubborn “orange peel” effect.
The G5 is not recommended for very slight clients or those with brittle bones.

Karin Herzog “Backcial”

¾ - 1 hour £35
Course of 4 £120*

If you’re worried about exposing your back during the summer months or at special occasions, this is the ideal treatment for you. Similar to the “Pore Draw” facial, this treatment cleanses, tones and exfoliates the back and shoulders. Once the sterilising oxygen cream has prepared the skin, gentle extraction is followed by a soothing massage and mask. The perfect way to smoother, brighter skin.

CACI Cellulite Massager

¾ hour £45
Course of 6 £225

The Electro Cellulite Massager combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the effectiveness of electrical stimulation to break down fatty deposits, lift sagging muscles and reduce inches. Treatment provides a vigorous workout on the backs of the legs, concentrating on the stubborn thigh and buttock area, improving circulation and creating a lifting effect on saggy bottoms.
This treatment is not suitable for those with varicose veins and hip replacements.